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Scott Lively

Author, attorney, Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate

Scott Lively is an American activist, author, attorney, and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate. He is the president of Abiding Truth Ministries. He was an independent candidate for Governor of Massachusetts in the 2014 election. He ran again as a Republican candidate in the 2018 election. At the Massachusetts Republican party’s state convention on April 28, 2018, he received support from nearly a third of the delegates.

After earning his Law License he first launched a dispute resolution center in Sacramento, then a for-profit law partnership and a separate non-profit public interest firm in Southern California. While running both entities, Dr. Lively earned his Doctor of Theology degree. On this career path he learned not just the high value of education and the needs of White Collar workers, but also how to manage complex tasks and organizations, and maximize good results through multi-tasking: important skills for a Chief Executive to have.

In his fourth career, Dr. Lively became a full-time missionary pastor, taking what he had learned from short and long-term mission trips around the world and applying it to the needs of inner-city Springfield, MA. Arriving on January 5, 2008 with just their suitcases and a desire to help redeem one of America’s most troubled cities, Dr. and Mrs. Lively deliberately moved into one of the most dilapidated houses in the heart of the inner city to maximize their efforts to make things better.

Dr. Lively was an alcoholic and drug addict for sixteen years, from the age of 12 until he was miraculously saved and healed in a prayer to Jesus Christ at the age of 28. He's been clean and sober for over 30 years -- climbing literally out of the gutter as a homeless beggar to become an internationally respected constitutional law attorney, public speaker and missionary pastor, a living example of God's power to heal and redeem.

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