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Ritchie Farrell

Author, Screenwriter and

Motivational Speaker

Ritchie Farrell was a heroin addict growing up in Lowell, Massachusetts. Ritchie overcame incredible odds to win the du-Pont Columbia Journalism Award, arguably the highest a journalist can receive. His rise from the heroin filled streets of Lowell to the top can only be described as miraculous, heroic, and remarkable. Ritchie is an author, filmmaker, WGA screenwriter, and motivational speaker. “In 1987, I beat a 10-bag-a-day heroin habit,” Ritchie says. “Somehow, I pulled myself out and went on this unbelievable journey. I’ve directed a documentary film, won a duPont Columbia, worked on and acted in a feature film that won two Academy Awards, wrote a memoir and a bestseller. I’ve seen everything in my career. However, I have never in my life witnessed anything like the current heroin epidemic in America.”

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