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Percy Menzies

President, Assisted Recovery

Centers of America

Percy Menzies is the president of Assisted Recovery Centers of America, LLC, a center for the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction based in St. Louis, Missouri which was established in 2001. Percy’s interest and passion for pharmacological treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism goes back to the early 80’s when naltrexone was first introduced for the treatment of heroin addiction. He worked for over 18 years for DuPont Pharmaceuticals in various positions and had responsibility for naltrexone as the associate product director. He has worked closely with drug courts and provided training on the use of anticraving medications to reduce recidivism within the criminal justice population addicted to alcohol and opioids. He has conducted workshops for a wide range of audiences both in the US and overseas on evidenced-based treatments for addictive disorders. He has been invited to serve on expert committees to develop guidelines for the treatment of addictive disorders and alcoholism. Percy serves on the Missouri State Advisory Council for the Division of Behavioral Health. Percy holds a master’s degree in pharmacy from India. Percy immigrated from India to the United States in 1977.

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